Big news.

Today was a pretty big day. You know...wake up, get dressed, and find out the sex of the baby that has taken up residency in your ute. 

Typical kind of stuff.

So we showed up for the ultra sound. And by "we" - I mean my entire entourage of people - my mom, Tom, and Thad.  I got on the table, and the ultrasound tech started taking pictures.

The baby was all curled up in a ball. Every single time we go in for an ultrasound, the baby is in this position. I swear - laziest baby ever. The tech made it pretty clear that she didn't think she would be able to determine the sex because of the position of the baby.

I was super bummed.

Then, at the end - literally 45 minutes later - SHE showed the goods (or lack thereof). 

I cried instant tears when she told us it was a girl. I didn't even scrunch my face and get emotional--two tears just rolled down my face.

When my mom, Tom and Thad all stepped out so I could get prepped for an internal ultrasound, I looked straight to the sky and said, "Thank you," about 15 times.

This is the baby girl I have been praying for. I am absolutely over the moon with this news.

The first thing we did after the appointment was go to Baby GAP and buy a bunch of frilly, pink clothes. Lol.

Then...we hit the butterfly gardens. I loved using my camera for something fun, and not "work." Some of these flower photos may even be wall-worthy...we'll see.

Overall, this was a fabulous 30th birthday. We didn't do much to celebrate - but I got to spend it with my husband, my mom, and my little monkey and I got the best. news. ever. 

Finding out we have a little girl on the way could not have been a better gift.

I am so, so thankful.