Studying. With. A. Toddler.


Alright, so somewhere between joking last night about how I could care less about finals and waking up this morning, my body went into panic mode. I literally popped out of bed today and hit the books. Do not pass Go (i.e. do not get coffee). Do not collect $200 (i.e. do not brush teeth). Just go straight to studying.

Poor Thad. His almost-three-year-old little mind doesn't understand, "Mommy's busy. Mommy has a test," and all morning long his pleas to play basketball and go to the park were met with resounding, "No"s. I will fully admit that I turned the television on for my little man, and never looked back.

Yep, that's right. I used my television as a babysitter while I studied for finals. Judge me.

And now, an almost complete 12 hours later, I have finally taken a break to make some dinner, play some basketball and blahg (of course!).

I really hate law school exams. I know I've mentioned this before, but please humor me (even if for just a moment).

Law school exams are simply a quarterly reminder of just how shitty of a lawyer I would actually be. And before you think, "Geesh, Katie, how hard can it be to memorize the law!?" let me just tell you that law school exams don't test your knowledge of the law.

In fact, most lawyers will readily admit to you that they had zero knowledge of the law when they graduated law school --- but what they did have was an understanding of how to apply the law in any given scenario. I somehow lack any ability to accurately apply the law or think outside of the box.

So, despite studying my ass off for weeks at a time, I typically find myself at the lower end of the spectrum of grades. I guess I should be happy that I am still far from being in the bottom half of my class, but I will also admit that I can't stand the fact that for the first time in my life, my Grade Point Average begins with a "2." How depressing is that?

But, despite the great annoyance and pain it brings me, I will continue to plug on. I will continue to study my ass off for mediocre grades. I will continue to bitch and moan about law school.

And hell, maybe you will still even continue to read all about my adventures in law school because I am just. that. interesting.

Or, of course, maybe you are just. that. bored.

Whatever. I'm glad you stopped by. :)

Being. Productive.

Things I should have done today:

1. Study
2. Study

3. Study

4. Freak out that finals are in like, a minute

5. Study

Things I actually did today:

1. Messed around with my camera
2. Played basketball with Thad

3. Messed around with my camera some more

4. Went to class

5. Spent my entire time in class viewing this amazing blog right here, wishing I had chosen interior decorating as my life's passion

6.  Learned how to make my own blog buttons

7. Made my own blog buttons
(Which, I might add, you can check out on the right side of my blahg. Heck, you can even post them to your own blog if you'd like!)

8. Indulged myself on the last few pieces of chocolate I will ever have in my life before I go on this God-forsaken diet

9. Thought about studying
(That counts, right?)

10. Daydreamed about two trips --- one to San Francisco, and one to Alaska

Things I should do with the rest of my day:

1. Study

Things I will probably do with the rest of my day instead:

1. Watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with my husband on the couch
(Because, let's be honest, that show rocks.)

Oooh. La. La.

Oooh La La!

Catherine Jeter Photography is excited, happy, proud - whatever! - to announce its very first Boudoir party!
Where: Evergreen, Colorado

When: Friday, September 3 and Saturday, September 4

Time: All day, each day! You just need to reserve your time slot before it fills up!

 (1) 60-minute session with high-resolution, copyright-free CD = $150

(1) 60-minute session with high-resolution, copyright-free CD and (2) 11x14 prints of your choice = $200

(1) Boudoir party (for groups of 3 or more):
Complementary champagne, chocolate, and strawberries!
(1) 60-minute session shared between group members, wherein each member receives their own high-resolution, copyright-free CD = 
$100/per person

Bring your friends!

How to Book:
Email me at catherinejeter@mac.com so I have your address on file. I will then send you an application for a time slot, and your formal invitation to Oooh La La will follow shortly thereafter.

This is a great gift idea for your significant other, or even if you just want to feel sexy in your own skin. 

Contact me soon if you are interested! 



Tom bought me flowers the other day. It wasn't because he loved me. Or because he messed up and was trying to apologize.

It wasn't because they reminded him of me or because we were hosting a bunch of people over for dinner.


He bought them for me with the hopes that every time I looked at them, I would think about him - smiling at me, and saying, "Hi."

Of all the reasons to ever get flowers, I have to admit - this was the best one yet.

You did good, Jeter. You did good.

Adjusting. To. Change.

See? This hasn't been so tough, has it? 

So far, I'm diggin' the new layout. And no, none of the colors match, but that's what I love about it. It's fun. Imaginative. Eclectic. Completely out of the ordinary.

And, it's a reflection of me.

You see, a few years back, I was into every fashion trend you could think of. Expensive clothes. High heels. Fun colors, patterns and designs. Then, two things happened:

1. I had a baby.

2. I over-dosed on calories (thank you, Prednisone).

Now, patterns are not only a really bad idea, but they are forbidden. My closet houses mainly black and the occasional dress or skirt. It's sad, and it's not a reflection of who I am. But if I were to give in to my body type and just throw cares to the wind, then I would end up in a Lane Bryant magazine, fully dressed from head to toe in those lime green silk shirts and the jeans with the glitter on the ass that every. plus. sized. store. insists. on. carrying.

So, for now, I shall live vicariously through my blahg. 

And now, for lack of a better transition into this topic, I will just jump right in:

It occurred to me this morning that Thad is either going to grow up super-brainy like his dad, or super-nerdy like his dad mom.

While we were getting showers and baths this morning, Thad saw someone hanging a shelf on television. When they put a ball on the shelf to see if it would roll or not, Thad asked what they were doing.

My response? "Honey, they're going to see if the ball will roll to check if the shelf is level."

Tom's response? "They're using the ball to act as a level. You see, it's physics, buddy. If the ball rolls off, then gravity will pull it down, which means that the shelf is not level. A regular level has calibration and a bubble in the middle to tell us whether or not we need to make any adjustments."

Ok, ok. So maybe that wasn't Tom's exact answer. In fact, his answer was much lengthier, contained a lot bigger words, and was probably a lot more accurate.

But you get the idea.


Welcome. To. My. Blahg.

I know, I know. Moving sucks. Change sucks.

But it had to be done.

WordPress was killing me with their inability to make any changes or modifications without shelling out some kind of cash. And I swear to you, there is no one in this world with any kind of skills related to modifying a WordPress blahg. But I can figure out Blogger all on my own.

See my pretty little header? Yep. I did it myself.

(Katie bows).

Anyways, this is where I will be posting from now on. I will leave my old site up for a little while, for those of you who maybe just stumbled upon my ramblings and want to play "catch up."

I find this all very exciting. Don't you?