Moving on.

I've decided I no longer want to keep up a personal blog and a business blog. So while I will still continue to post personal stuff, it will now be on my new business blog:

A lot of photographers invite their readers to have a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy.

I say grab a beer.

It's much tastier than coffee.

Join me on my new adventure, as I attempt to re-build my business and cater to an exclusive crowd of brides to be. :)

Today's theme: Babies!

I feel like everywhere I turn these days, I am surrounded by new babies, pregnancy announcements, and of course...the cutest baby evah. But more on her later.

A few things:

1. I debated online today with a girl who is adamant about how she will never have children. How sad for her. Having children is the most rewarding experience I have ever had, and I'm only five years into this adventure. I can only imagine what it will be like as time goes on, my babies get bigger, and the rewards start to become even greater. Of course, parenting isn't the easiest thing I've ever taken on, but who cares? The "bad" times are far outweighed by all the good.

Thank God for my kids.

I feel like I should be one of those nerdy moms who gets a mini van and then puts a bumper sticker on the back that says that exact thing: Thank God for my kids. 

2. My sister is pregnant. ::confetti:

She was trying to be all secretive and sly about it, but if you know my sister...you know this isn't happening. Lol. Within a couple of days, it was all over social media and she was forced to announce--most likely--a good 4-6 weeks before she intended to. I could not be HAPPIER for her. Or for me. After all, I get to add a niece or nephew to the list!

Please pray for her, by the way. A successful pregnancy and healthy baby are obviously what we are all hoping for.

3. I am fearful for what Charlotte is going to be like as she gets older. The kid is 7 months old (how is that even possible!?) and she is already suuuuuper dramatic.

For instance, today. We were playing on the floor, in front of the mirror, and I was being very careful to watch that she didn't fall forward and bonk her head too hard--she isn't exactly stable when sitting up. Well, despite my efforts, she fell over. She fell to the side and just barely--BARELY--hit her head as she went down. OMG, the girl screamed for 20 minutes.

At that age, Thad would've probably looked at me and laughed. They are so, so different.

But she's pretty damn cute. SO CUTE. I could seriously stare at her all day.

And sometimes I do.

Sometimes I sneak into her room at night to tuck her in, and just lean on her crib and watch her sleep. She is the most beautiful little girl I have ever laid my eyes on. I just love her so, so much.


The time I post a ton of photos.

I don't even know where to start with an update. We've been on-again, off-again sick in this household for WEEKS. Weeks, I say. It's getting a bit old and tiresome.

I am gearing up for trips to Dallas, California, back to Dallas, then Colorado all in the month of March.

Thad is loving school, and is really good at writing his name. He has even started to draw pictures lately, which is like--whoa. I never thought I'd see that day. But seriously, our refrigerator is covered with stick figure drawings of me, Tom and Charlotte. Lol. He told me, "Mommy, I never used to like drawing, but now I do. I think I just needed to get used to it."

Charlotte is just the most amazing little baby ever in the history of amazing little babies. Sometimes Tom and I will go into her room and just stare at her...until she wakes up because she's the world's lightest sleeper. Lol. But seriously, I am in awe of my daughter. She's just so damn gorgeous. I love her more each day.

I don't know what else to say. So here's a shit load of pictures!

Good things to come.

I'm running a contest on my Facebook business page for a free photo session for someone in Albuquerque.

I literally had zero fans from the area, and getting business since we moved here has been a bitch.


It's working. I have 40 new fans, all from ABQ.

Could this be a sign of good things to come? Dear Lord, I hope so. I would love to be able to finally build my business up here.

Thaddeus is still on Christmas break. ZOMG I might go crazy. Lol. He's just no longer a late sleeper, so the early mornings are pretty draining. I have been incredibly spoiled on the mornings when I don't have anything to get done, so I can take him to the bus stop and Charlotte and I can go back to bed for a couple hours.

Of course, it would probably help if Tom and I actually went to bed before midnight. But someone tell my 5-year-old that it's way cooler to sleep in than to wake up early. Mmmkay?

And here's some pictures I took yesterday of Charlotte.

Her sweet little face kills me. Seriously.


Happy New Year!

Well, the Jeters rang in 2013 with a bang...

...our babysitter, who had cancelled on us at the last minute, called to say, "Nevermind! I can come over!" So Tom and I rushed around to get ready for a New Year's party at a friend's house, and headed out.

The party ended at 11, when most people decided they wanted to celebrate the New Year at midnight Central time. Lol.

So we went home and toasted with champagne, just the two of us.

Well, the three of us...since Charlotte happened to be awake, playing in her crib and we could hear her giggles and squeals while we watched the ball drop. Lol.

New Years Day was filled with lots of naps, pizza, a trip to my uncle's house, dinner at the local Mexican restaurant, and then Tom passed out early because he ended up coming down with a cold.

A man cold.

Poor guy. :(

Anyways, I have re-committed to doing a 365 project for this year. I really want to stick with it, but I have to admit - I am already bored. Lol.

I feel like 90% of my photos these days are of Charlotte anyways (she is a most willing subject, after all) - but it's not like she can do a lot of stuff. So in her photos, she's either eating, sleeping, or laying on the floor. Lol.

See why I'm bored?

But I'll stick with it. I owe it to my kids, and to myself, to do another one of these projects.


This little girl looooooves her daddy. OMG.

When I was pregnant with Charlotte, and we knew it was a girl, Tom and I would talk all the time about the difference between she and Thaddeus. I insisted to Tom that he would be a different parent - that he would become softer. That his heart would beat differently. Not that he would love her more - I don't think it's even possible to love one child more than another - but that he would love her in a completely new way.

I was right. Ha.

The two of them are so sweet together. She stares at him and smiles, while he cuddles with her and says aloud that she is, "so precious," or "my baby girl."

I have never seen Tom like this. It's amazing to watch. And oh man is it sexy. ;)


The rest of the week will be boring ol' routine, which I am ok with. This past month or two has been insane.

I'm ready for things to slow down.