A Kidney for Samm

I've known Samm since we were at least in high school together. We never really hung out while we were in high school, but Facebook was a bit of a driving force in getting us "re-connected." She and I stayed in touch through my photography, and a few months back she contacted me about having some photos taken with her son, Brode.

It turns out that when Samm was in college, she contracted strep throat. Thru no fault of her own, it went under-treated and the inflammation from the strep caused a lot of damage over time - most specifically, to her kidneys.

Samm's kidneys are now functioning in the very low single digits. With a 3-year-old little boy in her life, she faces the possibility of not watching him grow up, like most of us aspire to do with our children. She is officially a candidate for dialysis (that will start within six to eight weeks), but the thing that will actually save her life is a kidney transplant.

Being a sick mom myself, I understand the desperation that she must feel. I can't even watch most movies that involve the separation of a mother from her child, simply because it is a prospect I could one day face -- and I'm not ready to face it today. I can't even imagine being in Samm's position.

I have started a Facebook page for Samm - http://www.facebook.com/AKidneyForSamm - in an effort to get the word out. Samm's case isn't the only one I want people to know about; organ donation in general can save a life. It would be awesome, though, if we could find a donor for HER. And for Brode. Because I'd really love for her to have the same chance that every mother has; a chance to watch her child become a man.

If you have a moment, please check out that page and consider registering to be a donor. You never know when the shoe could be on the other foot, and you could find yourself desperately wishing for someone - anyone - to be a match. If you have a Facebook page yourself, I would love it even more if you would spread the word to your friends and family. For every 500 "Likes" to A Kidney for Samm, I will donate a free photo session.

Thank you! xoxo