I'm not going to lie.

Newborns are difficult for me.

They are my nemeses. 

I don't know why.

I can get perfectly strange women to take their clothes off in front of my camera for money, but I can't get a newborn baby to close his eyes and sleep for a few pictures.

It challenges me to a point where sometimes I think of excluding myself from that area of the market. Focus more on my strengths.

And then I remember why I love this job. This hobby. This passion.

Because it's not the same version of the story for everyone.

Every photo tells a different story to the person next to you.

Newborn photos don't have to be squishy little babes or heads in hands. 

I suppose it's a bonus, lol, but it's not a requirement.


Newborn photos can also be crazy toes, and laying on the couch together as a family.

Because at the end of the day, isn't that what it's all about?


I am officially aware of a photographer's "busy" season.

FYI - it's the entire month of October.

I sponsored the local high school's athletic department this year, and I also hired a few girls to be my senior representatives for the 2012 class. Between those two things, I have scheduled 13 senior sessions this season.

In addition to that, I've been shooting families, toddlers, a couple newborns, and everyone else who looked outside and realized how beautiful the changing colors were.

Needless to say, I've been a tad on the busy side. :)

If my business could be this busy year-round, I'd let Tom stay at home and do all the Mr. Mom duties so he wouldn't have to worry about the Bar exam. ;)


I posted a bit about this on Facebook, but was suddenly compelled to blahg about it. Mainly because (1) I like to blahg, and (2) I am 150% sure that my target audience will read this. I know who reads my blahg. I have a stat counter. I also have friends who tell me who reads my blahg. So it all works out. 

The right people will receive this message, I am sure of it.

I have always been very sarcastic. Some people think that sarcasm equates to bitchiness, so I've also been told that I'm very bitchy. That's fine. The people who matter don't mind, and the people who mind don't matter. 
And I can be bitchy. No doubt about it. But I am often mistaken as being bitchy when I'm not trying to be.

Just a heads up - I am not intending to be bitchy in this post. But I am sure it will come across that way.

In high school, I had a large circle of friends. The odd thing was that while there were about 30 of us, we still ran in smaller crowds. So while we might all meet up for a New Years party, or a birthday dinner at Red Robin, we weren't having slumber parties and divulging our deepest secrets.

Part of me didn't even like several of the girls in our crowd because I couldn't trust them. I saw how they treated others, and it made me wonder if they treated me the same way behind my back. Well, and to be honest, I had seen the way they treated me in earlier years, before we ever even started hanging out together.

Eleven years since high school has ended, a lot of things have changed.

We've graduated from different colleges.

We've married and had children.

We've moved.

We've started new careers.

We've moved on. High school is a moment in time where most of the general population can look back and laugh, but the rest of the population wishes they could stay there. They don't want to grow up. They don't want to move on. They want to cling to the same friends they've always had, and dislike the same people who they always disliked.

Now, I am not claiming to be perfect. I am the polar opposite of perfect. Ask my husband. He'll tell you.

But one thing I am proud of is the fact that I have been so forgiving of my younger years. I find myself establishing friendships with people who once tried to burn my house down. I confide in people I once made fun of (thank God they have been so forgiving of me!). I'm more open-minded and understanding of others because I realize that while I may be struggling, there is always someone who is facing a greater struggle.

In other words, I've grown.

(Please pause for this brief moment where I show you a really cute picture of my son.)

Recently a random string of miscommunications ended up with a friend of mine and I being angry with one another. Our argument lasted for awhile, and got pretty heated at times. But the nice thing is that since then, we have been able to apologize to one another. We've spoken and forgiven one another and moved on.

Our friendship has grown.

Those who haven't grown, however, were the bystanders. Those girls who watched over us the entire time with the impression that they were invited to do so. The same girls who never passed the "Smell Test" - as they like to call it in law school - in order to gain my trust to begin with. It was those high school girls.

Eleven years later and these girls are still behaving the same way they did in high school. They are petty. And rude. And two-faced. And opportunists. And mothers.

Ugh. Typing that last line breaks my heart. They have children.

And their children are girls. And as parents, our actions speak louder than our words. So while we can cry, "Do unto others!" the only thing they will hear is what we, ourselves, are doing unto others. Or have done to others.

Thus, the cycle continues. And my poor child(ren) will go to school with their children. And he will have to deal with that same, petty bullshit all over again.

Hold on, buddy. You're in for some rough years.

The good news is, when you grow a little older, you'll wise up. And you'll forgive them of their immaturity and lack of general apathy.

Because you'll understand that it wasn't really their fault in the first place.

Sometimes socialization can be a bitch.

And the winner for the shitties blahg-er goes to...


It's me!! It's me!!

Sorry I've been kind of in and out these days. I'm up to my eye balls in editing photos. I just finished up with one wedding, and now I've got to move on to another.


But I wanted to update everyone on how things have been going in the Jeter household since the infamous crafting projects. 

First, one of my very best friends (and former college roommate) visited Michigan with her husband, on their way to move to Rhode Island.

They brought their dog, whom I love.

We had a ton of fun, even in a short time, and I wish they could have stayed longer. The good news is that they are moving back to Seattle in a year, so maybe we will get another visit next Fall! :)

Then, Thad ended up in Urgent Care with pneumonia.
That wasn't fun. Not even a little bit.

The nurses had trouble with his IV, so he ended up being poked twice. UGH.

No pictures - for the first time in my life, I didn't think to bring my camera.

He's feeling a lot better now, thank God. In fact, he got a good report from the doctor yesterday and is allowed to go back to school and play outside with his friends. He's hardly even coughing, which is awesome.

Over the weekend, I did a couple of senior sessions.
Hello, gorgeous.

I also spent some time with the neighbor's dog (because I suddenly have an obsession with pet photography), and a random frog in the yard.

I'm putting this on record that Thad was afraid to touch the frog. I'm hoping that someday his wife will read that and then tease him mercilessly.

Finally, today Thad and I went out to ride his bike and I made my first attempt at photo panning.

It was a half-success and a half-fail. But practice makes perfect I suppose.

I have several more shoots coming up in the next few weeks since the Fall colors are so damn brilliant right now.

But then the leaves will turn. And they will fall. And the snow will begin.

And I will cry.

Cry, cry, cry.

The Crafty Mom

It's Wednesday, which means one of two things:

1. I will be entirely productive because I have a whole day to do absolutely nothing but catch up on school and editing. 


2. I will nap for a few hours, watch a movie with Thad, play outside with Thad, and maybe eat too much junk food.

Today was, thankfully, one of the productive days.

I've known for awhile now that I wanted to hit Hobby Lobby and get a bunch of shiz for my kid to do in the Winter. It gets arctic-like here in Michigan, and the first time Thad asks if we can go play in the snow, there's a really good chance I will laugh in his face.

I hate the cold.

So I needed some things to entertain my child.

I got a whole lotta stuff that will help to keep him busy in the coming months, but I did pick up a few things that we were able to work on today.

First, let me start off by saying that this was not my original idea. I got it from Pinterest which, if you don't know what that is, I challenge you to Google it and then try not to spend every waking hour searching for awesome stuff.

Second, I have to say that while I have high hopes for Thad and his crafts, he absolutely hates crafts. 

They are boring to him.

I am pretty sure he isn't my child, but that's for another post.

Anyways, today I picked up some things to make Halloween decorations, knowing full well that I would probably be doing them by myself.

It was super easy and ALL CRAFT ITEMS ARE 50% OFF AT HOBBY LOBBY right now. So, uh, take what you would spend and cut it in half.

Then use the leftovers to buy something really delicious, like a Big Mac.

I am seriously craving a Big Mac right now.

Ok, here is what you need:

- Mason jars, big and small ($2 each, $1 after discount. I bought 6).
- Acrylic paint. ($1 each, .50 after discount. I bought 7 colors).
- Paint brushes. (1 pack of crappy brushes is $2, $1 after discount).
- Tea light candles (these weren't half off, so I paid $6 for the whole pack of like, 100).

The first thing you want to do is put some paint in some bowls, after figuring out what you want to make.

By the way, we're making tea light candle holders.

I made 2 ghosts, 2 pumpkins, a vampire and Frankenstein.

Paint your mason jars. They will dry super quick, and don't worry about making the paint even, that's the beauty of acrylic paint - it dries nicely, no matter how shitty of a painter you are.

 Then, put a tea light candle in each one.

When you are finished, place them on your mantle, and admire your work.

These will actually find their home in our front windows at night, but I placed them on the mantle so I could look at them. I'm vain like that.

This one is my favorite.

Voila! Awesome craft and fab decor for super, super cheap.

Total cost: about $16.

Not bad.