When I was a little girl, it used to make me feel really bad when my mom would pack something in my lunch that I didn't like and I would end up throwing it away.

The way I looked at it, that poor piece of food - say, a bologna sandwich - had waited its entire life for one thing...to be eaten.

And here I was, the unappreciative little girl, throwing it away because it "grossed me out."

As I would walk away from the trash can, I would think, "That poor sandwich is so sad. It will never live to see its dreams come to fruition."

No, really. I was that much of a psycho.

Tonight, I made Thad macaroni and cheese for dinner, and the noodles were shaped like characters from Toy Story.

He didn't even want to try it because he didn't want to "hurt Buzz Lightyear."

No, really.

That happened.

My kid - I believe - may just be as crazy as me.

Valentine's Day outtakes.

Alright, alright. 

I found my motivation.

I got off of my ass, and I took pictures of the monkey for his Valentine's Day cards.

The posing might seem odd, but trust me. It's going to work.

I did, however, want to share the outtakes. He is so funny. He gets all excited about taking pictures.

He cooperates with me getting dressed. He talks about sending the photos to his friends and grandma.

And then when I actually need him to sit on the floor and smile?

I get this:

"Mommy, I don't WANT my picture taken."

Tom thought we should make this the official Valentine's Day photo, with a caption on the card that read, "Be my Valentine...or else." Lol.

"I just want this to be OVER! Why can't I have a chocolate yet?"

And, of course, the super cheesy grin. Lol.

Overall, despite my annoyance, I actually did wind up with a perfect picture. I'll post that later, with the details (I don't want to spoil it for those of you who are getting one in the mail!)

Oh, and I leave you with this last one. If you never believed that my child was a Cabbage Patch doll in a former life, here is your proof:

Valentine's Day.

I simply cannot find the motivation to get my ass in gear and do a Valentine's Day photo this year with Thad.

So I think I might use an old photo...

...what do you think?



Would it look better in red?


Tonight on my way home from school, I bought myself some flowers.

I think a girl is entitled to treat herself to something pretty every now and then, right?

And, of course, I felt like getting some flower photos. 


It was too dark tonight, and I had to use my flash. I hate using my flash when I take flower photos. So, I'll do some more again tomorrow. 
I may even put the roses in the snow and see what I can come up with.

Buddy Bear.

So the class "pet" in Thad's preschool class is apparently Buddy Bear.

The kids love him.

And, they love it even more when they get a chance to take him home.

This week was Thad's chance. He was so, so excited. 

There was only one requirement - take a photo of your child and Buddy Bear doing something together so your child can share it with the rest of the class. Then you were supposed to journal their time together in the class notebook.

Um...I forgot.


Until today. At 1pm.

Buddy Bear goes back tomorrow in the morning.


At this point, Thad was already gone with Miss Holly and her girls for the day.

So, I had to get creative.

 His journal entry reads:

Buddy Bear and I were very busy while he stayed at my house. We played with trucks, took a bath, watched my favorite movie, and even camped out in my Thomas the Train tent. I really wanted to take him to play basketball with me, but mommy was afraid he'd get lost. So, Buddy Bear stayed home and played in the snow instead.

How a mother - who prides herself on being a professional photographer - forgot to take a picture of her child with Buddy Bear, I will never know.

Hopefully this will suffice.

Pioneer Woman.

I have been following the Pioneer Woman for years. Years. 

Like, I started reading "From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" as she was writing it. I would literally check the site each day for a new chapter.

Plus, well, I suck at cooking. And she doesn't. So I like to use her site for that as well.

The photography portion of her site has really taken off in the last 6 months/year, and now she holds contests. There are no specifics for how photos are chosen - she is the only judge. I've seen cell phone pictures selected. Professional photographers selected.

Back in December, my bokeh Christmas tree photo was selected for Group 6. I was flattered.

Being flattered doesn't stem from being selected for a Group. It stems from the fact that Ree Drummond is, by far, the most creative woman I have ever seen walk this planet.

She is a phenomenal writer.

A fantastic photographer.

And she's pretty damn funny, too.

Oh, and she uses at least one whole stick of butter in each of her recipes.

Anyways, today I checked her site to see the most recent Group posting for her new contest, "Flowers."

There, I saw that I had, once again, been selected.

Now I am not only flattered, but I am on cloud nine.

I love it when those besides my loved ones and the people close to me recognize my work.

It feels awesome. And it feels like I am finally starting to succeed.

If you have a chance, I would love it if you would pop on over to her site and comment about my photo.

I don't think it helps....but just in case....

Thanks. :)

Hell officially froze over.

Whenever people ask me, "Katie, what's it like to live in Michigan?" I always reply, "It's like a cold version of hell."

And it's true.

I hate living in this place. And today? Well, hell froze over.

The temperature this morning when we went out to start the car to go sledding was -20 degrees.

(That's a minus sign in front of that number, for those of you who aren't wearing your glasses).

So, sledding was definitely no longer an option.


I was really hoping for some pictures.

But, we figured since we were all already dressed and ready to go, we might as well hit up Target.

So, we did.

And I took pictures.

Thad could see the steam rising up off the roof top, and he was so certain that it was a fire. He kept yelling at me to turn around and look at it. Lol.

Look at how sweet my little man is in his new hat and gloves.

Thaddeus Grey.

For the first time in nearly a month, I turned my camera to Thad today and snagged pictures of him. Most of my work over the last month has been of complete and total strangers, and I forgot how much I missed having pictures of the monkey all the time. 

So tonight, during bath time, I braved the water with my camera and got a few photos.

Gosh, I love my little man.

We've gotten into a new bedtime routine, Thad and I.

On the nights when I put him into bed (sometimes I am at work or in class, and I miss out), we read a book, sing songs, say our prayers and then, most recently, he asks me to rub his head.

I am more than happy to oblige, especially since this is one of my favorite memories as a child. My mom had these long fingernails that she used to run through my hair when I would lay down in bed. I remember thinking, "Please God, don't let her stop. This is the best feeling ever." 

And she would always stick by my side and stroke my hair for a good amount of time. Which is why, when Thad asks me to do the same, I stay there for at least 10 or 15 minutes...sometimes longer.

Sometimes it puts him to sleep, but not always. But it's awesome sharing something with him that I used to share with my own mom.


I think I have it.

As if Wegener's and a blood clot weren't enough, I think I am beginning to show signs of arthritis in my hands and wrists.


Sometimes, I think God messed up - He fully intended for me to have been born in 1928, not 1982. He definitely had a dyslexic moment there.

No, but seriously.

For the past couple months, I get intense pain in my joints. They're hot to the touch. They're swollen. The pain will last a couple days, then subside. 

If I take a lot of photos, the pain will occur in my right hand. If I do a lot of typing, the pain will occur in my left hand.

If I play a lot of Angry Birds on my iPad, then my right index finger becomes the next victim. Lol.

No, really. I played Angry Birds last night, and today I can't even bend my pointer finger.

My friend Cari always tells me that I'm a hot mess.

She's so right.

I have an appointment in Cleveland in March. I think I'll talk to the doctor about it then.

Why not add another diagnosis to the mix? Let's get crazy!

Busy week.

Whew, what a week. It's definitely been busy around the Jeter household.

I am still catching up on my editing of the boudoir sessions. I have one more left to do - sorry Sara, lol! - and then I am completely done.

In addition to this, we are back in school (full swing), and I picked up an extra class to teach at ITT.

Oh, and did I mention Thad is going through another one of his "phases"? This one seems to only be aimed at me. He's daddy's perfect angel, and mommy's mini-Satan. We are butting heads constantly, and sometimes I feel frustrated simply because I find myself getting to his level just to get through to him. 

For obvious reasons, acting like a 3-year-old, to get thru to a 3-year-old doesn't exactly work.


Other than that, I have been trying to devote most of my time to my business.

I sent out the mailers for my Boudoir sessions in Dallas. The dates will be April 29/May 1 and I am opening it up for 10 girls (maybe even a couple more...we will have to see). The best news is that I sent out nearly 50 mailers! That's how overwhelming the response was when I asked who would be interested.

I re-designed my photo blog.

I purchased something verrrrrry handy for my business (hint: it rhymes with "Schmy-Schmad"), and yes, it's an iPad. One of my goals for 2011 is to be more organized in my business.

It started with buying a filing cabinet, backing up all photos, filing my clients accordingly, etc. Then, I took all of my contacts, and everything in my planner and transferred it over to the iPad. I'm hoping I can get used to just using that for all of my business needs (including my portfolio and price lists). So far, so good. :)

I briefly considered using Groupon to gain some business, but quickly found out that it would be a bad idea...for now. I will do it eventually, but I will have to wait until I am in my own studio space. In the meantime, they are going to feature me in a sidebar advertisement just to give me some face time, but I'm not sure how much business that will generate.

In addition to a trip to Dallas in April, I am heading to California in March. Both my sister and my cousin got engaged this past year, and are going to pay to fly me out there for engagement photos. So that'll be exciting. :)

I know I was super down about the year 2011...it didn't exactly start off great with the whole blood clot thing. But, it's gotten better - I can actually move around - and I think the improvement in my leg has brought an improvement in my attitude.

Hell, I even managed to get off my ass today and take the Christmas tree and decorations down.

What? January 16th? Don't judge me.

Facebook Fan Contest! Your favorite photo of 2010!

Ok, this will be simple. I know that each of you took photos all year round. Now, I want to see them. :)

Email the favorite photo that YOU took in 2010 to catherinejeter@mac.com by Saturday, January 15 at 12pm EST.

I want to see your adorable dog. Or your cute kids rockin' silly faces. Or that beautiful view from atop that mountain you climbed last summer.

Whatever it is, I want to laugh. And smile. And swoon.

And then I want to see you win (a) a free session with Catherine Jeter Photography (if you're local), or (b) $75.

Your pictures do no have to be perfect, or of a professional caliber. They just have to be pictures that you love.

On Saturday, I will post the photos in an album on the Catherine Jeter Photography fan page and people will have 1 week to vote. The photo with the most "likes" by Saturday, January 22, at 12pm EST, will win.

When the contest begins, link the photo on your own Facebook page to friends and family. They can "like" the photo. Then, make sure they "like" Catherine Jeter Photography!

Good luck to each of you!

Happy. Birthday.

Today was my handsome husband's birthday.

He got The Sopranos on DVD...but really, I got The Sopranos on DVD because I've never seen the show before, and I've been dying to watch it since the day it ended.

He also got some amazing candles.

And some bourbon.

Sounds like a good night to lay on the couch, watch good TV, burn some cinnamon, and have a drink.

Plus, it's snowing outside.

Tonight...life is perfect.

Slightly Angry.

This whole blood clot thing has me really pissed.

Like, really pissed.

I'm over this.

I'm over constant medical drama. 

I'm over having to worry about my well-being every second of the day.

I'm over being told that I "need to make myself a priority," when reality is that I want to spend my days making my son the priority.

I'm sick of medicine.

I'm sick of pain.

I'm sick of doctors. And hospitals. And prescriptions. And bills.

I am now contemplating calling in to my work and just letting them know that I need to take this quarter off. 

If I walk for even 5 minutes, my leg turns into an elephant trunk. It's extremely painful. The thought of standing on my feet, teaching others for 4 hours, 3 times a week makes me cringe.

I had high hopes for 2011. I wanted it to be full of happiness and good health.
It was the year I was supposed to be weaning from my meds.

Instead, we're adding new meds to the mix.