Hands off.

Thaddeus and his friends went to a local apple orchard today for a class field trip.

Just so you know, in case you were ever wondering whether or not you wanted to start your own apple farm and let kids visit, if you insist that they keep their hands to themselves and don't allow them to pick any apples as you force them to walk over a mile through the trees, it is inevitable that, at some point, one of them will shout, "Mom, I'm BORED."

It's also inevitable that the child who shouts that will be my own.

These kids are four years old. 

They don't care about the Japanese pronunciation of your over-sized green apples.

They care about mud and dirt and worms and picking apples off of trees and using them as weapons or balls.

So next time, Mrs. Apple Orchard lady, plan accordingly.

Boys will be boys.

I love these pictures.

I look at Thad, and I can see at least 10 or 15 years into the future. While it makes me sad, it also makes me look forward to so many years to come with my favorite little guy.

The bitch is back.

Big medical update.



About 3 weeks ago I went to California for my cousin's wedding. The first night I was there, I woke up around 3am completely unable to breathe. I was taking very short, shallow breaths just to make it through the night. Very, very scary.

Since then, my breathing has been extremely labored. And when I say the word 'extremely,' I am comparing it to the days when I was 7 months pregnant, sitting on the couch, and Tom could hear me. So yeah...pretty bad.

I was able to get to the doctor today (finally!) and they did a scope of my throat and neck to see if it was just gradual closing, or if there was some inflammation going on.

When they were done, I was once again told that "things looked pretty angry."

So, I'm welcoming the Wegener's back with a bottle of wine. It's like a coming-home party, except instead of shouting, "Surprise! We love you!" I want to kick it in the face and smother it with a pillow.

I am having surgery next Wednesday to dilate my throat. No big deal - I actually look forward to those surgeries.

Afterwards, they will hit me with some steroids and hope that it throws the Wegener's back into remission.

If it doesn't, we start a brand new regimen of different medications.

Either way, here we go again.

I was pretty fucking upset at first. I cried from the doctor's office to Thad's preschool, which is about 30 minutes, at least.

Then I pulled my shit together and realized that it just isn't worth it.

I'm scared. I thought for sure I had kicked this thing in the ass and that it wouldn't be around to bother me for awhile. The fact that it has come back so quickly concerns me and will, no doubt, keep me up at night.

But no matter how scared I am, or how much sleep I lose, life goes on. 


Thaddeus and I spent the entire afternoon outside today, because I just couldn't handle being indoors. It was way too beautiful.

He rode bikes with the neighbor girls and we drew pictures with chalk.

We also came across a really beautiful caterpillar in the neighbor's tomato garden that sparked the interest of all the kids in the neighborhood for a good 30 minutes.

I really do love the sound of kids playing outside. It was a very soothing afternoon, after a really shitty morning.


Summer is over.

Well, it's not officially over, since I don't think Fall starts until this weekend. Or next? I don't know.

But it's over for Michigan. The temperatures are consistently in the 60s, and all the windows in the house are open. Occasionally, there's a little breeze that comes thru which gives me a chill...it's like Winter's way of tapping at the door, letting me know he will be here soon enough.


If I could kick Winter in the balls, I would totally do it.

My schedule this quarter is a lot more relaxed than usual, which is a good thing.

It means I will have time to study.

But more importantly, it means I will have time for Thad.

And photography.

And my clients.

And my business.

And all the one million projects that I fully intend to start and complete before next summer.

Next summer.

It's hard to believe, but by this time next year I will have graduated from law school and will be embarking on whatever the future has in store for me and my family.

I really hope the future plans to be kind, and holds things like a new job for Tom, a booming business for me, a new home, a new car, new camera gear, etc. I am especially hoping that the future continues to find us all in better health.

My breathing has been a bit labored since I went to Southern California. I am convinced that I inhaled one too many carcinogens from the air and am now paying for it. Either way, I have a scheduled visit with the doctor on Friday. I highly anticipate that the doctor will order another dilation of my throat, but that's fine.

After my dilations, I am breathing better than ever. The color returns to my skin and getting around is always slightly less embarrassing since I'm not heaving and huffing too terribly much.

It will probably help that I've been losing weight, too.

I am completely off all of my medications and you can tell just by looking at me. 

I feel amazing, too. 

That's the best part.

It's Official.

I'm a Spartans fan.


Hi. My name is Katie and I am a really shitty blagher.

Sorry 'bout that.

It's been a crazy past few weeks, to say the least.

First my parents were here. Then we had final exams. Then Thad and I went to Colorado. Then we came back. Then my brother flew out from California. Then we had Thad's birthday party. Then Thad, my brother and I all flew out to California for a week. Then I came back. Then school started for me. Then school started for Thad. Then work started.


See what I mean?

But I think I'm falling back into a routine.

I did get the chance to photograph my cousin's wedding, so that was pretty cool.

And when I came home, I got the chance to photograph my first live birth. Uh...super cool.

I had been waiting for so long to have the opportunity to photograph a birth, and the experience was just as amazing as I thought it would be.

For now, we are just winding up on our summer and getting ready to head into the freezing ass cold, known as Michigan winter. We've started foraging for food, storing canned items and collecting wood to burn in our stove.

Ok, none of the above is true. But I feel like it should be.

The leaves have started to change color, and while I am normally thrilled at all the beauty that comes with Fall, I have learned that Fall fades quickly and is followed by an unusually long winter. The thought of another 8 months inside, watching the snow drifts and dreaming of warmer weather is only slightly depressing.

And by slightly, I mean that I might end up screwing myself into the ceiling.

Birthday party madness.

On Saturday we had Thad's birthday party.

10 kids.

10 adults.



1,000,000 presents.

A big, weird mouse.

You get the idea.

Anyways, it went really, really well. The prospect of 10 kids running free through Chuck E. Cheese on a Saturday is a little daunting, especially when you stop to think that this is YOUR function, and their safety is YOUR priority. But everyone did great!

Last year, Thad's party was in the afternoon. Because he was used to napping in the afternoon, he was a terror. Wouldn't say hello to anyone. He wouldn't even open his gifts - his cousin, Isaac, did it for him. So this year was a much welcomed change from last.

He loved all his gifts, and was incredibly stoked about his birthday cake. He asked, "Mommy, can we take my cake home instead of letting my friends eat it?"

Lol. Such a darling child. ;)

(Major shout-out to my friend, Danielle, for the cake. She's awesome, right? Everything was home made!)

Yesterday, we went to a Cubbies game with my brother.

Cubs vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates.

My brother wore his Pirates jersey.

I wore red and blue.

And all I'm going to say about that is that he left the field with his tail between his legs. ;)
After the game, Thaddeus got the chance to run around the bases at Wrigley Field. How cool is that!?

I was kind of bummed not to have a closer lens. And maybe I could have gotten closer if the stupid slore in front of me hadn't been jumping around trying to get her OWN kid running the bases. But whatever.

It will forever be documented on the Inter Webz that my child ran the bases at the historic Wrigley Field.

September 1, 2011

Dear Thad,

Happy birthday to the little boy with the brightest spirit and the softest heart. Your love for everything but vegetables consistently blows my mind, as I so love to experience the world thru your eyes.
At the age of four, you are more stubborn than your dad, but not quite as stubborn as your mom. You would willingly give up a brand new toy at Target if it meant proving to the world just how angry you really were when you threw that temper tantrum. But you would never give up the opportunity to do something that demonstrates your independence, or your "big muscles."

Your eyes are as blue as the Colorado sky and they melt my heart every time I look into them. They also remind me of home.

You are a mama's boy thru and thru, but I think deep down inside your heart, your daddy is your best friend. I am so thankful to have a little boy in my life who allows me to re-live my days as Wendy in the Peter Pan script and fight Captain Hook. A little boy who teaches me all about monster trucks and different cars. A little boy who tries my patience until I feel like I am about to physically snap, and who shouts, "Leave my girlfriend alone!" when your daddy and I are pretending to box or wrestle.

You make me laugh in so many ways. You have my personality and your dad's attention to detail. You like to relax and go with the flow. Sometimes all you want to do is run around in the sun. You've never been able to properly pronounce the word, "Balloon," and every time I ask you what letter I am pointing at, you shout, "FOUR!"

Your favorite sport is basketball, but you will only tell people that if you're actually playing basketball. Otherwise, you say tennis.

You have absolutely no experience playing tennis.

One day you will be too big to hold, and too old to feel comfortable sitting on my lap. 

One day, you will find it awkward to cuddle with your mom on the couch while you watch some random Disney movie for the 100th time, and it will be absolutely unheard of for you to lie in bed with your mom while she rubs your head.

But today? Today you are still just young enough that I don't feel like my baby is entirely gone. You still enjoy cuddles and kisses and hugs and laughter and life.

I will treasure each of these moments until the moment they stop.

Although, let's be honest. 

I pray they never will.

Happy birthday to you, my favorite little man. Now please, do me this one favor:


Stop growing.

I love you,