Rise and shine.

Ten weeks into our journey with Charlotte, and we are still trying to really establish an evening routine. We have the routine part of it down, it's just a matter of timing.

Because she is 10 weeks old, but is technically only 2 weeks old (maturity wise), she still sleeps about 22 hours a day. Lol. She isn't awake very often. Her most "awake" period is in the mornings, right after her 9am(ish) bottle, and then in the evenings between 6 and 9 - that's what I call "the witching hour." She only wants to be held by me, and she has to have her paci in her mouth at all times. You will hate your life if you do not abide by her rules at this time of the night. Lol.

Once we give her the last evening bottle, she gives us two long stretches -- her first stretch is usually about 5 hours (so we are up to feed around 2am), and then her next stretch is anywhere from 4 to 6 hours (usually 4). She is usually up eating at about the time that Tom is getting ready for work.

After that, I pull her into bed with me and we sleep for another 3 hours. Well, she sleeps for another 3 hours. Thad is usually up around 8 now, so I get another hour to hour-and-a-half. Sometimes I can convince Thad that he needs to lay in bed with mommy and Charlotte and watch a movie.

On those mornings, I usually feel pretty well rested.

Today was one of those mornings. We had fun with the camera, both before and after Charlotte ate.

Albuquerque State Fair

We went to the fair today.

I told everyone to wear something flattering and nice because I was going to be bringing my camera and wanted to take some lifestyle family shots.

The truth of the matter is, it was hot as bejeezus outside, and I really didn't want to take my camera out. Lol.

I did, however, catch a break toward the end of our trip. I was hanging out with the baby in the shade while Tom and Thad rode the swings. It felt really good to just sit there and take photos, having fun and trying to be creative.

The very last image we have decided is going to be in print in Charlotte's room, which - we also decided tonight - will probably be painted yellow with polka dots. Love.

And in case you were wondering what we did with Charlotte for the day, she was busy being a nudist. She started out with clothes...but yeah. It was too damn hot for clothes.


Oh! Oh!

And I forgot to add -- these are going in the mail sometime this week. They are a little overdue, I will certainly admit...

...but better late than never, right?

They'll also include a 4x6 of one of her newborn photos. Unless we're talking about grandparents and siblings - then the announcement will include a 5x7.

I will be so happy when this has been taken care of. I swear, it's almost time for her 6-month photos.

Life update

I realized about a week ago that I was in desperate need of an update to my blahg. Even then, I never found the time (or, really, the motivation) to actually write the update. Hopefully, now that I am finally getting around to it, I can keep up with it and won't have to do a big ol' long update again anytime soon.

The last time I wrote, I was venting my frustrations about having a baby in the NICU. Well, the good news is that Charlotte came home shortly after that post, on August 3 - just one day shy of being one month old. As soon as she started drinking entire bottles at a time, consistently, Tom and I were on a full 48-hour countdown. On that last night, Tom literally sat by the phone all night long. At 2am, 5am, and 8am, he called the nurse on duty to see if she had eaten. When Tom got the news at the 8am feeding that she had officially eaten all of her bottles for 48 hours straight, he came to deliver the good news with tears in his eyes.

My husband is such an amazing father.

Anyways, we busted her out shortly thereafter, and have been taking her picture ever since (are you surprised???).


 Charlotte had her first doctor's appointment shortly after we got home from the hospital. Everything checked out well - she is measuring in the 90th percentile for the size of her head, but the 20th percentile for everything else. Lol. She's real small, and she has a HUGE brain. ;)


 Not long after Charlotte was born, Tom got word from a law firm in Albuquerque that there were availabilities and he flew down there to interview right away. They called us a week later to let us know that he had beat out 20 other applicants and he got the job.

So, we packed up our shiz, and headed Southwest to New Mexico. :)

In these two pictures, you can see Thad in the background, lol, sitting on the floor, watching a movie on my laptop. Tom literally took everything we owned except the kitchen table, an air mattress, and my laptop. We lived like that, with my mom, for a week. OMG, I hope I never have to do it again. Normally, we would have ventured to our new home as a family, but Tom's start date at his new job was the same date as my last final exam.

That's right, kids. I am DONE with law school.

Once we got to New Mexico, Charlotte was verrrry happy to see her daddy. ;)

The other day, my grandma drove down from Evergreen to meet her newest great-grandchild. Charlotte fell asleep on her. :)

Aaaaand...I got an iPhone again. Thank God.

So prepare yourselves for a helluvalotta Instagram pics.

This was my recent attempt at newborn photos with Charlotte. She wasn't having any of it. But I think I'm happy enough with the outcome to send them out to family and friends. Lol.

And, not to be forgotten, of course...the most handsome big brother in the world.

Thaddeus is getting better and better with Charlotte. I think I've posted some of these photos before, so I apologize. But I love them so much...I captured some real nice ones of Thad in his element before we left Michigan for good. I feel like he has changed already so much since we moved down to New Mexico, it's weird.

He already has friends in the neighborhood that he plays with every night and on the weekends. It's a group of about 4 little boys, all the same age, who race their bikes up and down the street, play basketball in each other's yards, look for lizards under rocks, and make up some pretty crazy stories about how they wrestled a rattlesnake or got bit by a scorpion.

Thad's farewell to his friends in Michigan was a pretty good time. I threw a last-minute birthday party for him at the local bowling alley. I wanted Thad to have one more chance to see his friends and say goodbye. I was pretty emotional about pulling my child away from the life he had made there over the last 5 years. He's made some great friends - as have I - and I was terrified that he would not be able to find another group of people that would welcome him so lovingly and let him jump in to their little circle of friends.

I totally underestimated my child. He is thriving.

Both of them are.

And for that, I am so, so thankful. This new life that we are creating has been amazing thus far. We love New Mexico, and it's relative closeness to places like Colorado and Vegas. We love the food down here. We love having family so close. We love the friends we have made. We love having a paycheck. Lmao.

This was the best decision we could have possibly made for our family.