Someone got a new hat.

Happy 4 months, Charlita!

Yesterday was Charlotte's 4-month birthday. I wasn't home all day, since I was practically in Texas doing a newborn photo shoot. But I vowed to take photos of her today, to document the occasion.

The quilt was a gift from my aunt Lori. I absolutely love it. When she asked me what I wanted, I told her something colorful - selfishly knowing that I would use it to take photos of Charlotte. Lol. She knocked it out of the park - it's perfect.

Anyways, back to the bebe...

So I know she's 4 months old, but remember she's 2 months behind. So she is the maturity of a 2 month old:

- Not yet able to hold her head up, but she's getting there!
- She is cooing constantly.
- She loves to blow raspberries.
- She seriously is the gassiest human being on the planet. It's not bothersome to her, thank goodness...but she farts like a grown man. And it's constant. Lol.
- She is officially sleeping thru the night. On the mornings I don't have to wake her, she sleeps from 8pm to 8am. On the mornings I do, she gets up at 7am.
- She naps all morning long. Lol. Then she naps most of the afternoon. What can I say? The kid can sleep.
- She was drinking 4oz of milk for the longest time. Probably over a month, maybe longer. Then suddenly she started to get really cranky after each feed. So we increased her to 5oz...she was still cranky. So we increased her to 6oz. So that was a 2oz increase in pretty much 2 days - unheard of, but she's happy. So whatever.
- She likes her paci when she's tired. This is foreign to me since Thad never took a paci.
- She has two different cries - the first one is a wailing scream. This means, "Feed me or I will seriously kill you." The second one is a long, drawn out sort of wail, with short breaks in between. This means, "Put me to bed before I do something horrible to each of your future children." She's a pretty good little communicator. ;)

End of story -- I love this kid. Like, LOVE her.

She is my light.

And a little video for your viewing pleasure....