Balloon Fiesta 2012

Ever since my parents started coming to Albuquerque on a yearly basis for the balloon festival, I've been itching to go as well.

Imagine my excitement when Tom got the job down here -- and I figured out we would actually be living in ABQ for the Fiesta. Squeeeeeeeee.

The Balloon Festival happens every year, in the first week of October. This year, it started October 6, and goes until October 14. All of the events were cancelled on the very first day due to high winds, so I made plans to visit my Uncle's house on the second day (he lives only a few miles from the park where they launch the balloons, and the wind usually blows them right to and over his house...sometimes even landing in his yard).

Of course, the day I show up at his house at the ass crack of dawn for the balloons, there was no wind. This was the best shot I could get:

As you can see, nothing special. Lol.

I figured if I was going to guarantee myself the opportunity to see 550 balloons take off and land, I needed to be right in the middle of the action.

So I answered a 4:30am wake-up call, got the kids piled into the car, loaded up my camera, and drove to the park.

It was totally worth it.

I'm relieved that I finally got out there for the shots. Every morning since the Festival started, I have felt apprehensive at not getting out there to experience the event -- and allow Thad to experience the same.

Now that we've both seen it with our own two eyes, we can sleep in. Lol.

I probably won't partake in balloon festivities again until 2015...when Charlotte is old enough to realize what it is and get all excited about it. Maybe by then, Thad will be more into it - this year, he was complaining that he was bored about 15 minutes into the whole thing.


3 months

I can't believe Charlotte is already 3 months old, today.

Milestone-wise, she's right on par with about a 5-week old. She is really starting to show us her smile, and has started to show a true interest in objects and things that allow for some stimulation.

We put her in her swing for the first time yesterday. At first, she was kind of freaked out--arms spread out, eyes wide--then she got used to it. Then she was cooing and smiling at the little animals on the tray in front of her. It was pretty sweet to witness.

At her appointment last week, she measured 22 inches long and 8lbs 12oz. That's a 5 pound, 5 inch gain since birth. :)  We're pretty pleased with that kind of growth.

Admittedly, though, it makes me sad. Of course I don't wish for her to still be a 3-pounder. But as she approaches 9 pounds, I am quickly reminded of the fact that the next time I turn around, she will be 25 pounds, no longer a great cuddler, and will be working on her independence. Ugh. I haaaaate that feeling.

Anyways, on to the photos. The shoot was pretty last-minute, and she cried...a lot. Lol. But I got quite a few I was pleased with.

I threw one of Thad in at the end because he was begging me to take his photo. I don't really like the look he has in it, but he was so desperate to have his photo taken...how could I not?

Oh! Forgot to add - my Uncle came over yesterday while Tom was at work, and helped me to re-build Thad's old crib (I wanted it to be a surprise for Tom, and it was!). So Charlotte is FINALLY in her own room. :)

Also, the Balloon Festival starts in ABQ on Saturday. OMG, prepare yourselves for the photos. I can't fracking wait.