Oil and water.

Michigan is finally living up to it's reputation---the last half of January seems to have been non-stop snow, wind and cold. So we've been cooped up indoors for awhile.

I am so, so sick of being cooped up indoors. Lol. There is only so much you can do with a 4-year-old in a 3-bedroom town home with no yard and a deck. 

So today, we got creative.

I have seen photos by other photographers who experimented with oil and water for some random pictures, and I thought it would be a good lesson for Thad.

So we took a bowl of water, he added the oil and the food coloring and voila! I think they turned out pretty awesome, actually. We may have one of them blown up for his room.

Today marks 10 weeks in my pregnancy. This means The Deuce (as I lovingly refer to her...wink, wink) is about 2 inches long, and is the size of a small plum. She no longer has a tail, and her taste buds have developed. Her brain is also working crazy fast right now, which is cool to think about. I'm sure she's grateful for all the spicy food I've been sending her way. ;)

I've watched him.

I've watched this man open envelopes in anticipation of good news, only to find out he'd been rejected by certain law schools.

I've watched this man open envelopes in anticipation of good news, and the joy in his eyes upon receiving it.

I've watched this man spend hard-earned money to pick up his family and move them across the country, to better prepare himself--and them--for the future.

I've watched this man spend entire evenings, lying awake at night, worried about the future.

I've watched this man pull all-nighters with me, in a last-ditch effort to teach me the requisite elements of each of the varying degrees of murder for criminal law.

I've watched this man get A's.

I've watched this man get...well, not A's. 

I've watched this man curse the name of his school, his professors, and his chosen profession, simply out of frustration.

I've watched this man build friendships with those who have mentored him over the years.

I've watched his heart break.

I've watched him be the best.

I've watched him spend countless hours away from his family to study for the Bar exam.

And today, I watched this man accept his law degree.

Congratulations to you, my love. You have no idea the amount of pride I have in my heart for all that you have accomplished thus far, and all you will accomplish in the future. You are going to make one damn good lawyer, that's for sure.



Every day, I eat at least two pickles. Crispy, fresh, half dill spears. I'd eat more, but I don't want to subject my husband to the horrible pickle breath more than I really need to in a 24-hour period.

I've fulfilled a craving - twice, now - for chicken noodle soup poured over a heap of mashed potatoes. (Why I am craving cafeteria food, I have no idea.)

I absolutely hate anything involving sugar. This will bode well for me, I think.

String cheese doesn't last long in my house. Crystal Light stock has gone up since I got pregnant. If the food could legitimately be classified as "on fire" because of the level of spice, then I will for sure love it.

We made burritos the other night and Tom chopped up jalapenos and serrano peppers for a "lite topping." Um, I was putting it on my burrito by the handfuls.

I've also been known to take a bowl of spaghetti and drown it in crushed red pepper.

This child has a really good chance of being born (1) with no feeling on his/her tongue, (2) with a fiery temperament, or (3) totally awesome.

I think #3 is probably the most likely.

Finally. The wait is over.

Secrets are so not my thing.

When I found out in December that I was expecting, Tom and I figured we would wait until the end of the first trimester to tell anyone just in case.

Well, a trimester is 12 weeks, and here I am...7 weeks along.

Oh well. The cat is out of the bag. ;)

So, since this week's theme for my photo project is "B," I knew exactly what I was going to do...

We could use all of the thoughts and prayers in the world, though. If you can recall a few weeks back, I blaghed about how our doctor had told us that my Wegener's had returned for a little fun, and that we were to wait another year before trying to conceive. Little did we know - at the time of that appointment - I was already pregnant.

This little swimmer managed to get past the IUD, past the medication, and into it's little home in my belly. Strong-willed already, I'd say.

And truly a miracle.

For now, we have opted to stop my medication to treat the Wegener's. I am still on a low dose of steroids, but no chemo and no Imuran. Just lots of prayers. :)

I cannot even tell you what an unbelievable big brother Thaddeus is going to be. Thoughts of our future family of four make my giddy with excitement - I can't wait to watch his huge heart and his good nature shine thru.

Thaddeus told me that he wanted a brother, until the doctor reminded him that he wouldn't have to share his toys if he had a sister. Now he seems pretty set on me having a little girl. He wants to name her Spiderman, which I think is very fitting. We'll consider it, at least.

Truth be told, I would love a little girl as well. But with this pregnancy being the true miracle it is, I'm happy with 10 fingers, 10 toes and a happy, healthy baby. My only reservation about another boy is having to name him...lol.

This kid.

With Tom studying for the Bar exam, this little man and I are spending a lot of time together. 

My days this week have been filled with Candy Land, monster truck racing games, practicing our letters, watching movies, playing in the snow, and all sorts of other things that I am honestly too tired to remember. Lol.

I am participating in a 52 week project right now with some of my photography friends, and the theme (at least for the first 26 weeks) is the alphabet. Obviously, this being Week 1, our theme was A.

A lot of people have interpreted this project differently, which is what makes it so fun. I decided that since I - ahem - quit my 365 of Thad mid-stream, I would use this 52-week project to take his photos and describe him as I see him. When I'm done, I'll make him a book that he will (hopefully) be able to keep forever.

I'm so sorry I've neglected my blahg. Christmas was cuh-razy busy, and now that we're back home, it hasn't seemed to let up. Work starts back for me tomorrow, school started yesterday, and Tom is graduating in just 2 weeks (OMG!). 
I plan to be much better at this whole blahg-ing thing in 2012. 

Besides, I have so much to talk about. ;)