Good things to come.

I'm running a contest on my Facebook business page for a free photo session for someone in Albuquerque.

I literally had zero fans from the area, and getting business since we moved here has been a bitch.


It's working. I have 40 new fans, all from ABQ.

Could this be a sign of good things to come? Dear Lord, I hope so. I would love to be able to finally build my business up here.

Thaddeus is still on Christmas break. ZOMG I might go crazy. Lol. He's just no longer a late sleeper, so the early mornings are pretty draining. I have been incredibly spoiled on the mornings when I don't have anything to get done, so I can take him to the bus stop and Charlotte and I can go back to bed for a couple hours.

Of course, it would probably help if Tom and I actually went to bed before midnight. But someone tell my 5-year-old that it's way cooler to sleep in than to wake up early. Mmmkay?

And here's some pictures I took yesterday of Charlotte.

Her sweet little face kills me. Seriously.



Tonya said...

Is Charlotte your brown eyed girl???
Hard to say from these pics...I think she might be a hazel girl. What a cutie!!!

Katie said...

She's my green eyed girl. :)

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